LinguaPlus, Translation Agency provides services of notarization of translations. Our clients are often would like to know what is written in the document. However if you want the translation to have legal force (which is required if translation to be provided it to some organizations), you will need certification of the translation by translator’s signature and seal of the organization where translation was performed. Usually, this is enough for commercial organization.
Notarial certification is the most popular procedure. It means the notarization by the notary of the signature of the translator. Only official documents translation may be notarized. Translation of private correspondence, manuals, articles and informational materials are sufficient to be affixed with the bureau seal.
In addition to the translation certification, we are often asked to legalize the document or to certify its copy. Copies certification is simple operation. The document, a copy of which you need to notarize, should meet some requirements. For instance, it should be executed in Ukrainian (Russian) language, be free of unspecified corrections etc. Our managers will identify whether or not it is possible to certify a copy of your document.

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