Economic translation

LinguaPlus economic translation guarantees success of your business

Today the welfare of Ukraine is impossible without foreign investment. As a result, more and more companies are seeking for cooperation with foreign entities and individuals. Unfortunately, it is not rare case when such cooperation is hindered by elementary language barrier of our businessmen: an easy communication during negotiations is, alas, as a science fiction for many of them. In order to avoid such situation, please contact LinguaPlus Bureau which provides translation of economic texts. Our bureau will implement for you the translation into Ukrainian (Russian) from virtually any foreign language, as well as into corresponding languages. If necessary, in addition we may provide our customers with services of professional interpreter who may implement oral translation during business negotiations or business meetings.

If you order economic text translation with LinguaPlus Bureau, you may be confident of accurate reproduction of the information and confidentiality. Our flexible prices will also surprise you.

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