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The role of translation in replenishment of world literature treasury may not be overestimated. Without translators, many of us who have not fluent level of original language would not read Shakespeare, Byron, Lope de Vega and many other authors. And until our nation will be considered as one of the most reading nation of the world, the literature and artistic translation will remain very popular.
LinguaPlus Translation Agency is looking for cooperation with publishers, printing agencies, libraries and other companies which have the need of texts translation of high quality. In particular, we implement the literary translation of artistic works, science, popular and special literature, textbooks and manuals etc. We have the possibility to perform quality translation of such rare languages as Macedonian, Catalan, Farsi, Persian, Norwegian and many others. Our translators will transfer with high accuracy into the Ukrainian (Russian) language environment the text content and its emotional style, reaching the maximum adequacy of transfer of the sense of the art work. The translators of LinguaPlus Bureau are able to implement high-quality translation of any Ukrainian or Russian text into foreign language preserving as much as it is possible the color and melodiousness of our language.
In the process of implementation of literary translation, the words of Alexander Kuprin are the basis for us:
“For translation from foreign language it is not enough to know, even at excellent level, this language. It is necessary to be able to pierce into deep, live, various meaning of each word and in mysterious power of links between such words.”

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